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Welcome and Congratulations to You for being a business owner. So, what’s next? You need the right online marketing tools to grow your business. The information you are about to read is for business owners, like You, who are ready to market like a boss. Using a lead generation system for marketing your business is the fastest way to grow your business, exponentially. As I am sure you may already know, we are living in a digital world. The Internet has opened the world up for global communication. The potential to attract your target market, to your offers, is virtually unlimited.

However, you need your own lead generation system to collect email addresses, names, and phone numbers when promoting your offers. With your plan to promote your business online, you need a system in place to help you track your productivity and effectiveness. Does it make any sense to do heavy promotions, when you have no clue as to what promotions are driving the most traffic? Your promotional efforts should drive traffic to your lead generation system where you can track your results.

Lead Generation System

A lead generation system is the same as your conversion path. It includes the creatives you need in place to attract your target market (other like-minded entrepreneurs), convert them into leads, and convert the leads into your customers or your business partners. The two creatives you must have in place are a splash/squeeze page and a landing/offer page. With a splash/squeeze page, you have the opportunity to peak interest. A splash page must have a compelling headline to be effective; a headline that is specific to your target market’s problems or goals.

What specific problems are your target market searching for the information to solve? What specific goals are they searching for “how to” information to accomplish? Whatever problems you can help your target market solve or whatever goals you can them help accomplish; your splash/squeeze page message should make your target market feel they are in the right place. Your message should be direct, straight to the point, and put your visitor in the mood to get to know more about your company and what you have to offer.

Sample Splash/Squeeze Page

Your message should entice your target market with the benefits in store for them. How are they going to benefit from what your company offers? When a visitor reads your message, they should get a vision of the outcomes possible for them. It’s up to your message to put your visitor in the mood to take your next desired action. Your visitor should feel full of possibilities and compelled to give you their email address because they want to know more about your company.

For that reason, you need a clear call to action on your splash/squeeze page. The call to action on a splash/squeeze page is to fill out your web form and submit it to “Get Information Now.” Your visitor is so enticed, they happily give up their email address. Once a visitor completes that call to action they are converted into a lead. Then the new lead is redirected to your landing/offer page.

Sample Landing/Offer Page

Your landing page has more detailed information for your new lead to become better informed about exactly what you are offering to them. The content on your landing page reveals the information your leads need to know to qualify themselves by completing your next call to action. Your next call to action is either “learn more” or “enroll now”.

When your lead clicks to “learn more” and fills out your next web form giving you more contact information (i.e. phone number), your lead qualifies as a good candidate. When your lead clicks, and enrolls with you in a business opportunity, your leads become one of your partners in business.

You have learned what a lead generation system (splash/squeeze, landing/offer page, with web forms) is and why you need one. You have also learned how it will help your online marketing efforts to grow your business. You have learned that if you are not collecting the email addresses of your visitor, you are fishing without a pole or a net. You are just feeding the fish, throwing all your bait into the pond, hoping that someone will go to your company replicated website and enroll the very first time they see your promotion.

Research indicates that a person generally sees a promotion at least seven times before they will respond. When you promote with a lead generation system, in place, you are casting a net. When visitors give you their email address, you have the opportunity to send them email messages to cover the other times they need to see a promotion about your company. You have the opportunity to educate your leads and fill in the blanks to help them understand your business equipping them to make an educated decision that benefits them.  

Email marketing software, included in your lead generation system, is an essential component. Collecting the email address of each visitors is a must. Do you understand just how important your own lead generation system is to your success online? Place your order for your lead generation system and let Creative Marketing Techniques’ help you Put the FULL Power of the Internet to WORK to GROW Your Business. 

Lead Generation System Set Up


1 Splash/Squeeze Page

1 Landing/Offer Page

1 Season Promotion Page

1 Sub-Domain (domain name registration is an additional $13.00/yearly charge).


Email web forms.

To place your order, click the below button to pay the $250.00 Set Up Fee!

After you place your order and pay the $250.00 set up fee, you must come back to this page and choose how you want to pay for your hosting and email web forms software. You can choose a monthly subscription for $19.99/month or you can choose to pay $200 for one year and save $50.